Watch kickboxing: TV and stream guide 2017

2017 TV and stream guide for various kickboxing and Muay Thai promotions. Only meant as a general guide on where to watch kickboxing streams or broadcasts.

Glory SuperFight Series: UFC Fight Pass
Numbered events: Eversport
For TV listings check “How to Watch” on event pages.
Kunlun Fight Live: and on the Kunlun app that you can find on China: delayed broadcasts every Sunday on Jiangsu TV. Sometimes live.
Glory of Heroes & Rise of Heroes China: Glory of Heroes live on Shenzhen tv China: Rise of Heroes delayed on Beijing TV
K-1 (Japan only). Works with some Japanese VPNs/Hola browser extension internationally
Wu Lin Feng China: Henan TV delayed broadcasts every Saturday. Usually live on first Saturday of the month.  –
Enfusion iPPV:
KOK Undercard: FightBox Maincard: ?
Superkombat Undercard: FightBox Maincard: CBS Sports
W5 iPPV: – usually with English commentary Russia: Delayed on Матч! Боец (Match TV Boets)
WGP iPPV: Eliteboxing
Brazil: Combate, Bandsports and SporTV.
Tatneft Cup Live streams: Youtube
Russia: Матч! Боец (Match TV Boets)
A1WCC Netherlands: RTL7 ?
ACB Kickboxing Live stream: Youtube Russia: Матч! Боец (Match TV Boets)
Akhmat Fight Show Russia: Матч! Боец (Match TV Boets) ?
Akın Dövüs Arenası Turkey: ? ?
Austrian Fight Challenge ? ?
Battle at Lumpini Stadium Thailand: TV5  –
Bellator Kickboxing US: Delayed on Spike
Best Of Siam ? ?
Bigbang ? ?
Blood & Glory ? ?
Caged Muay Thai iPPV:
Changbai Mountain Hero ? ?
Contender Promotions ? ?
Day of Destruction ? ?
DSF Kickboxing Challenge ? ?
Duel Fight Sports ? ?
Dynamite Fight Night ? ?
East Pro Fight ? ?
Eastern Power ? ?
Emperor Chok Dee ? ?
Elite Fight Night Champions League iPPV: Eliteboxing ?
Faith Fighting Championship China: Qinghai TV
FFC FightChannel
Fight Exlusive Night Poland: Polsat Sport
Fight Night Saint-Tropez France: L’équipe 21
Fightsense ? ?
Friday Night Fights ? ?
GIBU Fight Night ? ?
Gladiators Fight Night ? ?
Golden Fighter ? ?
Hero Legends China: Qinghai TV
Heroes Gate ? ?
Heroes Soul China: Qinghai TV
Hoost Cup ? ?
International Fighting Championship ? ?
Iron Challenge ? ?
King in the Ring iPPV: ?
Kings of Kombat ? ?
Knees of Fury ? ?
Knight of Muay Thai Thailand: MCOT
Krush Live on (Japan only). Works with some Japanese VPNs/Hola browser extension internationally
La Nuit Des Titans SFR Sport 5 ?
Lion Fight US: AXS TV ?
MAX Muay Thai Thailand: Channel 8 ?
Merseburger Fight Night  ?  ?
MFC – Makowski Fighting Championship FightBox ?
Mix Fight Gala FightBox
Monte Carlo Fighting Masters ? ?
Muay Thai Battle Thailand: Channel 8
Muay Thai Grand Prix ? ?
NJKF ? ?
No Kick No Life ? ?
Nuit des Champions France: L’équipe 21
Number ONE Fight show iPPV: Eliteboxing
Obračun u Ringu ? ?
Oktagon ? ?
Opatija Fight Night ? ?
Origins Fight Promotions ? ?
Paris Fight ? ?
Partouche Kickboxing Tour SFR Sport 5
Powerplay Promotions iPPV:
Rajadamnern Super Fight Thailand: PPTV HD36
Rebellion Muay Thai ?  
RISE ? ?
Ring War ? ?
Rough Diamonds League ? ?
Scorpion Fight Night ? ?
Shoot Boxing ? ?
Silk Road Hero LeSports
China: Delayed on CCTV-5
Simply the Best SFR Sport 5
Steko’s Fight Night ? ?
Strike-Fight ? ?
Super Fight Series ? ?
SuperPro Fight Night ? ?
Superstar Fight China: CCTV-5,  Qinghai TV
Swiss Fight Night ? ?
Tanko Events
Taishan Fight ? ?
Thai Boxe Mania ? ?
Thai Fight Thailand: Channel 3
The Champion Muay Thai Thailand: Channel 8
The Fight League ? ?
The Legend of Emei China: Delayed Tuesdays on Sichuan TV
Topking World Series China: Qinghai TV
Thailand: Mono29
Ultra Elite Fighters ? ?
United Fight Events ? ?
Venum Victory World Series ? ?
VFC ? ?
Warriors Peru ? ?
WMC I-1 World Muaythai iPPV: Eliteboxing
World Fighting League Netherlands: Spike ?
World GBC Tour ? ?
Xplosion Fight Series IPPV: Eliteboxing
Xtreme Muay Thai ? ?
Yangame’s Fight Night ? ?
Yokkao ? ?


How to watch Chinese live TV streams online 2017

Chinese live TV is quite accessible online worldwide. Most big TV channels have free and legal streams available. I’ve followed Chinese kickboxing for a couple of years now and that has meant digging for streams for various different TV channels.

Chinese live TV streams can still be hit-and-miss depending on where you live due to relatively bad international internet connectivity and sometimes region locking in different countries. I’ve listed multiple options below and hopefully you can at least find one that works for you.
Tips and tricks
  • Even with adblock you’re likely going to have to sit through at least 20-30 seconds of ads before seeing the actual stream. You’ll probably see a countdown counter on the upper right corner of the stream. Just wait out the ads to get to the goodness.
  • As of January 2017 you will still most likely need to have flash player installed.
  • Use Google Chrome for its built-in translator. I’ve found it to be quite a time saver and it doesn’t usually break the pages like manually using so often does.
Chinese live TV websites I’ve encountered and found worth using
baidu live
One of my favourites. Usually offers 2 different stream options for the same channel by pressing the blue link directly above the stream.
Another good one. Also usually offers 2 options of the stream.
PPTV has handy DVR function enabling you to easily watch programming from the past few days.

Doesn’t consistently work for me, you could have better luck.

This one doesn’t consistently work for me either. /
Just CCTV Channels.

tencent video

Limited amount of channels. Actually, there are more channels than the page lists, at least when accessing from Europe. You can see all the available channels from google search.
Limited selection of channels.

Only one that I can’t get working, but it’s by Sina so it must work for some people.

Closing words

All in all streams of Chinese TV channels are much more accessible than streams of TV channels in my home country without having to pay or register to 10 separate channel specific websites. If you find this guide helpful please share or comment!

Kickboxing News #3

Less major news this time around but still a lot of smaller things happening in the sport.

Guo Chendong left his duties at Wu Lin Feng. He is the guy you might know as the ring announcer of all the various WLF events. Significant news as he is probably the most known face in Chinese kickboxing and Wu Lin Feng is now slightly more separate from the other WLF connected promotions. He is still running Glory of Heroes/Rise of Heroes and so he is in no way leaving the sport.

Glory of Heroes 5 is still on track to being a huge stadium show with the promotion attempting a Guinness World Record presumably in fight event attendance. The card has gone through a few changes however. Israel Adesanya is now fighting Bogdan Stoica instead of Alex Peraira. Another fight completely off the card is Mosab Amrani vs Tie Yinghua as they both seem to be injured. Hopefully we’ll see that fight on a following event.

Silk Road HeroSilk Road Hero 2016 - Nov 5-6 is another promotion trying for a Guinness World Record with their upcoming Zhou Zhipeng vs. Hong-man Choi fight. They also seem to have managed to get a  liquor company to sponsor and take all the tickets off their hands for $840 000.

Kickfighting events to watch this week

Kickboxing News Sept 12-13

Big news from China since 2 days ago I last posted my “at most, a weekly recap” of some of the things that are happening in kickboxing. China just can’t seem to help itself this month.


GloryYao Ming’s Investment Firm Acquires Strategic Stake in GLORY
I’m not going to speculate on anything before we have some more details, but safe to say big news for Glory.


Rise of Heroes


Rise of Heroes revealed plans to stage events in Brazil, Switzerland, France, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. The debut event is this weekend in China with paid live streaming and delayed broadcasts on Beijing Television.




Drone footage of the next HeroHero Legends Legends venue in Alxa Desert, Inner Mongolia. The event is part of a bigger festival and you still have almost 3 weeks to plan your trip if you enjoy kickboxing, music, car and air shows!

Silkroad Hero


Older news but Hong-man Choi (218cm/160kg) is set to make his kickboxing comeback on Silkroad Hero in early November against Zhou Zhipeng (176cm/70kg).



Watch the KOK event in Estonia this weekend.
This was the crazy fight they left the crowd with last time they were there.

Kickboxing News Part 1

A few days ago I was looking at the above view of upcoming events for the next month and that picture is basically the motivation behind this post and in the future weekly/monthly posts about what’s happening in kickfighting. These might be a little bloggy/ranty but we’ll see where they’ll go. These will also most likely skew heavily towards China, but the fact of the matter is a lot is happening there and it’s where the money and tv partners are.

Just to make the point, a little over a 3rd of the notable/televised events in the picture are happening in China, there’s 2 new massive tv channels getting into the game, there is 3 or so new promotions starting depending how you want to count, Kunlun Fight is set to have their inaugural event at their massive new gym/event venue in Beijing and Glory of Heroes 5 is set to (possibly) be the single biggest kickboxing event in over a decade. Frustratingly little of this is really covered anywhere for the english speaking audience.

Starting things off with WLF’s new Rise of Heroes which is looking to be Rise of Heroesan important piece in developing the sport going further. Rise of Heroes is significant in a couple ways. It’s a start of a new broadcast partnership for WLF on Beijing Television which is a major channel in China. If NBC, Fox or any major American channel decided to start airing an hour of kickboxing ~50 weeks of the year that’d be news but for some reason this doesn’t seem to be.

They’re yet to have their first event but Rise of Heroes has a lot lined up. A big part of the events will be what are looking like 64-man tournaments in 57kg, 60kg, 68kg and 71kg. Rise of Heroes mentioned at least 21 gyms signed up to provide fighters for the events, including 6 gyms internationally among which are gyms like Meijiro and Por. Pramuk. They also mentioned they’d invest ~$22.5mil in building 8 or 16 new gyms in China to fuel the growing need for Chinese talent.

Superstar FightSuperstar Fight is another promotion that is looking to make a big leap. They’ve done 4 events earlier this year that were streamed and broadcast on smaller channels. Starting with their 5th event however they’ll be live and regularly (weekly broadcasts?) on CCTV-5 which, again, is a massive tv channel in China and perhaps the biggest sport channel in the world?

Superstar Fight also mentioned some things about their finances earlier. They got $6mil “pre-a” financing a while ago. After the first live event on CCTV-5 they’ll start their series A round of financing. They say they’ll probably start being profitable by the end of the year.

So far:
per event costs 450 000-750 000 usd
per event income 300 000-450 000 usd

Budget for the year ~7 000 000 usd
Income for the year ~6 000 000 usd

Other worthwhile things to mention:
Enfusion has been off for a while and is coming back with a bit bigger event
KOK event in Estonia should be a big show again
– New from China in Beijing Fight with notable sponsors but at least a no name 1st card
Hero Legends on October 2nd is a show in a desert again!
– The possibly massive stadium show of Glory of Heroes at the start of October.

FFC Announces U.S. Events

Final Fight Championship (FFC) has announced their first 2 events in the United States. FFC 24 is taking place June 3rd in Daytona Beach, Florida and FFC 25 following a week later on June 10 in Springfield, Massachusetts.

FFC is keeping to their format of having both Kickboxing and MMA on their 2 part events. FFC 24 MMA portion will be headlined by Karo Parisyan vs. Arda Adas and on FFC 25 Dion Staring is defending his FFC belt against Darko Stošić. Pavel Zhuravlev and Mladen Brestovac will feature in fights on the kickboxing part of FFC 25.

Both of the events will air live on CBS Sports Network. You can find initial fight cards on the promotions new website at


Updated: Fight Card For WLF Glory of Heroes 2 on May 7

*Live results and updated stream links on the event page.

The second Glory of Heroes event on May 7th is again taking place in Shenzhen, China.

(Stream – Starts ~18.00 Local Time)

Kickboxing – 60kg
Yun Qi (China) vs. Sergio Wielzen (Netherlands)

MMA – 63kg
Ji Xian (China) vs. Ayton De Paepe (Belgium)

MMA – 70kg
He Nannan (China) vs. Andrey Mitrofanov (Ukraine)

MMA – 93kg
Liu Wenbo (China) vs. Kurban Omarov (Russia)

Kickboxing – 75kg
Brad Riddell (New Zealand) vs. Cedric Doumbe (France)

Kickboxing – 70kg
Hu Yafei (China) vs. Ievgenii Kurovskoy (Ukraine)

Kickboxing – 70kg
Zhao Chunyang (China) vs. Khayal Dzhaniev (Russia)

(Henan TV Broadcast – Starts ~21.15 Local Time)

Kickboxing – 63kg
Deng Zeqi (China) vs. Artur Makouski (Belarus)

Kickboxing – 72kg
Jiao Fukai (China) vs. Enriko Kehl (Germany)

MMA – 84kg
Israel Adesanya (New Zealand) vs. Andrew Flores Smith (Peru)

Kickboxing – 67kg
Qiu Jianliang (China) vs. Jaidee Noppakit (Thailand)

Kickboxing – 63kg
Wei Rui (China) vs. Ban Yungsong (Japan)

Kickboxing – 67kg
Yang Zhuo (China) vs. Massaro Glunder (Netherlands)

Kickboxing – 68kg
Tie Yinghua (China) vs. Kem Sitsongpeenong (Thailand)

Kickboxing – 65kg
Liu Xiangming (China) vs. Tepthanee Winai (Thailand)


The event should be streamed on the same platforms as the previous one.

Wasu: (DesktopMobile), Letv: (DesktopMobile), Youku, iQiyi,,, Kankan, CN Live.

W5 Announces A Line of New Events

The Russian kickboxing promotion W5 together with their partner Rebuy Stars have announced a line of new events under the name “W5 European League”. The first planned event is taking place in Zagreb, Croatia on June 4 and the following events in Slovakian cities of Poprad (June 18), Zvolen (September 10) and Košice (November 12).

As usual the events will be streamed online at and broadcast on various TV channels across Europe.

More details available at and W5 European League promo page.