Kickboxing News #3

Less major news this time around but still a lot of smaller things happening in the sport.

Guo Chendong left his duties at Wu Lin Feng. He is the guy you might know as the ring announcer of all the various WLF events. Significant news as he is probably the most known face in Chinese kickboxing and Wu Lin Feng is now slightly more separate from the other WLF connected promotions. He is still running Glory of Heroes/Rise of Heroes and so he is in no way leaving the sport.

Glory of Heroes 5 is still on track to being a huge stadium show with the promotion attempting a Guinness World Record presumably in fight event attendance. The card has gone through a few changes however. Israel Adesanya is now fighting Bogdan Stoica instead of Alex Peraira. Another fight completely off the card is Mosab Amrani vs Tie Yinghua as they both seem to be injured. Hopefully we’ll see that fight on a following event.

Silk Road HeroSilk Road Hero 2016 - Nov 5-6 is another promotion trying for a Guinness World Record with their upcoming Zhou Zhipeng vs. Hong-man Choi fight. They also seem to have managed to get a  liquor company to sponsor and take all the tickets off their hands for $840 000.

Kickfighting events to watch this week