Full Card For WLF Glory Of Heroes On April 2

Wu Lin Feng has released the full fight card for the inaugural “Glory of Heroes” event happening in Shenzhen, China on April 2nd. The event will be streamed on most major Chinese streaming sites (sports.qq.com, youku.com, letv.com, iqiyi.com, yy.com, wasu.cn and kankan.com) and half of the card is broadcast live on Henan TV. The previous major WLF event was also streamed on Youtube so perhaps this one will too, but no official word on that yet.

Fight Card:

(Stream – Starting around 18.10 Local Time)
Kickboxing – 70KG
Zhang Dezheng (China) vs. Andrei Ostrovanu (Romania)

Kickboxing – 56KG
Gong Yanli (China) vs. Christi Brereton (United Kingdom)

Kickboxing – 70KG
Zhao Chunyang (China) vs. Harley Love (New Zealand)

Kickboxing – 85KG
Guo Qiang (China) vs. Yurii Zubchuk (Ukraine)

Kickboxing – 70KG
Hu Yafei (China) vs. Daniel Solaja (Germany)

MMA – 63KG
Ji Xian (China) vs. Ilia Kurzanov (Russia)

Kickboxing – 70KG
Jixiang Adai (China) vs. Imamura Takuya (Japan)


(Henan TV Broadcast – Starting around 21.15 Local Time)

Kickboxing – 60KG
Kong Long (China) vs. Nogami Yusuke (Japan)

Kickboxing – 68KG
Tie Yinghua (China) vs. Fabio Pinca (France)

Kickboxing – 85KG
Israel Adesanya (New Zealand) vs. Alex Pereira (Brazil)

Kickboxing – 63KG
Wei Rui (China) vs. Nakamura Yukiya (Japan)

Kickboxing – 71KG
Yi Long (China) vs. Enriko Kehl (Germany)

Kickboxing – 63KG
Deng Zeqi (China) vs. Joan Manuel Lique Cañaveral (Colombia)

Kickboxing – 67KG
Qiu Jianliang (China) vs. Jomthong Chuwattana (Thailand)

Kickboxing – 70KG
Xu Yan (China) vs. Josh Jauncey (Canada)