How to watch Chinese live TV streams online 2017

Chinese live TV

Chinese live TV is quite accessible online worldwide. Most big TV channels have free and legal streams available. I’ve followed Chinese kickboxing for a couple of years now and that has meant digging for streams for various different TV channels.

Chinese live TV streams can still be hit-and-miss depending on where you live due to relatively bad international internet connectivity and sometimes region locking in different countries. I’ve listed multiple options below and hopefully you can at least find one that works for you.
Tips and tricks
  • Even with adblock you’re likely going to have to sit through at least 20-30 seconds of ads before seeing the actual stream. You’ll probably see a countdown counter on the upper right corner of the stream. Just wait out the ads to get to the goodness.
  • As of January 2017 you will still most likely need to have flash player installed.
  • Use Google Chrome for its built-in translator. I’ve found it to be quite a time saver and it doesn’t usually break the pages like manually using so often does.
Chinese live TV websites I’ve encountered and found worth using
baidu live
One of my favourites. Usually offers 2 different stream options for the same channel by pressing the blue link directly above the stream.
Another good one. Also usually offers 2 options of the stream.
PPTV has handy DVR function enabling you to easily watch programming from the past few days.

Doesn’t consistently work for me, you could have better luck.

This one doesn’t consistently work for me either. /
Just CCTV Channels.

tencent video

Limited amount of channels. Actually, there are more channels than the page lists, at least when accessing from Europe. You can see all the available channels from google search.
Limited selection of channels.

Only one that I can’t get working, but it’s by Sina so it must work for some people.

Closing words

All in all streams of Chinese TV channels are much more accessible than streams of TV channels in my home country without having to pay or register to 10 separate channel specific websites. If you find this guide helpful please share or comment!