Enfusion Live 24 Eindhoven

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February 7, 2015
Sporthal Genderbeemd, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Free live stream of the event available at enfusionlive.com.

Results – Kickboxing Talents Eindhoven

1. Heavyweight
Nico Pereira Horta (Cape Verde) def. Alberto Dos Passos (Curacao) by TKO (injury) after round 1
2. -67kg
Issam Laazibi (Morocco) def. Jaimy Duijmelinck (The Netherlands) by DQ
3. Heavyweight
Ralph Blewanus (The Netherlands) def. Gordon Haupt (Germany) by TKO in round 1
4. -60kg
Ilias Ennahachi (Morocco) def. Tommy Dieckmann (The Netherlands)
5. -70kg
Edson Fortes (Cape Verde) def. Bilal Kasrioui (Morocco) by Decision
6. Heavyweight
Fikri Ameziane (Morocco) def. Shkelqim Ademaj (Germany) by Decision
7. -63kg
Ali Zoubai (The Netherlands) def. Jusef Moujahid (Morocco) by Decision

Results – Enfusion Live 24 Eindhoven

1. Superfight -70kg
Mohammed Hamicha (Morocco) def. Melvin Wassing (Indonesia) by TKO (corner stoppage) after round 2
2. Superfight -66kg
Marieke Post (The Netherlands) def. Sheena Widdershoven (The Netherlands) by Decision
3. Superfight -95kg
Jegish Yegoian (Armenia) def. Dennis Stolzenbach (The Netherlands) by Decision
4. Superfight -80kg
Khalid El Bakouri (Morocco) def. Kamil Jenel (Poland) by Decision aften an extra round (4th)
5. Superfight -70kg
Mohammed Jaraya (Morocco) def. Tayfun Ozcan (Turkey) by Decision aften an extra round (4th)
6. Enfusion Heavyweight World Title Match
Ismael Lazaar (Morocco) def. Thomas Vanneste (Belgium) by Decision


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