Enfusion Live 27 Tenerife

</p> <p>Enfusion Live 27 Tenerife</p> <p>

Enfusion27_poster.jpg Saturday 18.04.2015
Pabellón Insular Santiago Martín, Tenerife, Spain

Free live stream of the event available at enfusionlive.com.

Results – Kickboxing Talents #8 Tenerife

1. 85kg
Yousri Belgaroui (Tunisia) def. Alcorac Caballero (Spain) by decision
2. Muay Thai – 60kg
Alex Dass Rey (Spain) def. Isaac Araya (Spain) by decision
3. Muay Thai – 70kg
Nauzet Trujillo Hernández (Spain) def. Aitor Alonso (Spain) by decision
4. 75kg
Raul Martin (Spain) def. Aday Barrera (Spain) by KO in round 1
5. 63kg
Carlos Araya (Spain) def. Pascal Koster (The Netherlands) by decision
6. 85kg
Francisco Javier Jorge (Spain) def. Tom De Smet (The Netherlands) by KO in round 3

Results – Enfusion Live #27 Tenerife

1. Superfight -70kg
Maikel Garcia (Spain) def. Ricardo Costa (Portugal) by decision (unanimous)
2. Superfight -54kg
Anissa Meksen (France) def. Eva Naranjo (Spain) by decision
3. Superfight -70kg
Elam Ngor (Congo) def. Amansio Paraschiv (Romania) by decision (unanimous)
4. Superfight -75kg
Rafael Llodra (France) def. Maximo Suarez (Spain) by decision (unanimous)
5. Superfight -70kg
Jonay Risco (Spain) def. Andy Souwer (The Netherlands) by decision after an extra round (4th)
6. Enfusion World Title Fight -95Kg
Mohamed Boubkari (Morocco) def. Moises Baute (Spain) by KO in round 1


Kickboxing Talents #8 Tenerife Highlights
Enfusion Live #27 Tenerife Highlights