Glory 20: Dubai

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Friday, April 3, 2015
Dubai World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE3 Glory 20 Dubai_poster.jpegGlory 20 Dubai_tournament.jpeg

The event is broadcasted live in a number of countries and paid internet stream is available on

Results – Superfight Series

1. Superfight – Lightweight
Anatoly Moiseev def. Max Baumert by KO in round 1

2. Superfight – Welterweight
Chad Sugden def. Atakan Arslan by decision (unanimous)
3. Superfight – Middleweight
Samir Boukhidous def. Mikhail Chalykh by TKO in round 1
4. Superfight – Heavyweight
Chi Lewis-Parry def. Park Yong-Su by KO in round 1
5. Superfight – Light Heavyweight
Mourad Bouzidi def. Dustin Jacoby by decision (unanimous)
6. Superfight – Light Heavyweight
Saulo Cavalari def. Artem Vakhitov by decision (split)
7. Featured Boxing Match – Lightweight
Eisa Al Dah vs. Cesar Soriano/Kevin Hanks
Match Cancelled

Results – Glory 20: Dubai

1. Middleweight Contender Tournament Semifinal 1
Simon Marcus def. Wayne Barrett by decision (unanimous)
2. Middleweight Contender Tournament Semifinal 2
Jason Wilnis def. Alex Pereira by decision (unanimous)
3. Featherweight Title Fight
Gabriel Varga def. Mosab Amrani by decision (unanimous)

4. Middleweight Contender Tournament Final
Simon Marcus def. Jason Wilnis by decision (split)

5. Lightweight Title Fight
Robin van Roosmalen def. Andy Ristie by decision (unanimous)


Ticket Trailer
Gabriel Varga Pre-Fight Interview
Mosab Amrani Pre-Fight Interview
Inside Glory 20 – Middleweight Contender Tournament
Inside Glory 20 – Robin van Roosmalen vs. Andy Ristie
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Middleweight Contender Tournament Ad
Open Workouts
Simon Marcus Post-Fight Interview
Gabriel Varga Post-Fight Interview
Robin van Roosmalen Post-Fight Interview
Chi Lewis Parry Post-Fight Interview
Cor Hemmers Post-Fight Interview
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