Glory 24: Denver

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October 9, 2015
Magness Arena, Denver, Colorado, USA

The event is broadcasted live in a number of countries and paid internet stream is available on

Results – Superfight Series

Heavyweight Superfight
Jason Lee (United States) def. Steve Paprocki (United States) by TKO in Round 2

Middleweight Superfight
Zack Wells (United States) def. Chris Tramell (United States) by KO in Round 1

Featherweight Superfight
Kevin Vannostrand (United States) def. Juston Houghton (United States) by Split Decision

Welterweight Superfight
Casey Greene (United States) def. Francois Ambang (United States) by KO in Round 2

Middleweight Superfight
Robert Thomas (Canada) vs. David Radeff (France) by Split Decision

Results – Glory 24: Denver

Heavyweight Tournament Semi-Final #1
Jahfarr Wilnis (Netherlands) def. Ben Edwards (Australia) by TKO in Round 2

Heavyweight Tournament Semi-Final #2
Benjamin Adegbuyi (Romania) def. Mladen Brestovac (Croatia) by TKO in Round 3

Middleweight Co-Headline Bout
Dustin Jacoby (United States) def. Wayne Barrett (United States) by KO in Round 3

Heavyweight Tournament Final Bout
Benjamin Adegbuyi (Romania) def. Jahfarr Wilnis (Netherlands) by Split Decision

Middleweight Headline Bout
Joe Schilling (United States) def. Jason Wilnis (Netherlands) by TKO in Round 3


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