K-1: China vs. Japan

</p> <p>K-1: China vs. Japan</p> <p>

K-1 2015 China vs. Japan_banner.jpgK-1 2015 China vs. Japan_poster.jpgK-1 2015 China vs. Japan_poster2.jpg Sunday, February 1, 2015
Hunan TV Studio – Golden Eagle Culture City, Changsha, China

The event is broadcasted live in China on Hunan TV and multiple other channels. Free international stream available at hunantv.com.



1. 65kg
Kuji Yoshimoto def. Hanji by Decision
2. 70kg
K-Jee def. Zang Lei by TKO in round 3
3. 53kg
E Meidie def. Syuri by Decision
4. 60kg
Tomohiro Kiyai def. Wu Ze by Decision
5. 63kg
Keisuke Nakamura def. Wang Zhiwei by TKO in extra round (4th)
6. 70kg
Tien Xin def. Hideaki Kikkawa by Decision
7. 70kg
Jungle Koki def. Ba Te Er by Decision