Kunlun Fight 4

</p> <p>Kunlun Fight 4</p> <p>


April 27, 2014
Solaire Resort and Casino, Manila, Philippines


2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1. Kickboxing Tournament Semifinal 1 – 95kg
Ivan Bartek (Slovakia) def. Yin Pengsen (China) by KO
2. Kickboxing Tournament Semifinal 2 – 95kg
Sergio Kenneth (Netherlands) def. Massinissa Hamalili (France) by Decision
3. Kickboxing – 59kg
Ryan Jakili (Philippines) def. Ou Yang (China) by KO in round 1
4. Muay Thai – 60kg
Wang Wanben (China) vs. Reinhardt Badato (Philippines) – Draw after an extra round (4th)
5. MMA – 75kg
Matthew Richardson (Canada) def. Tang Yunxing (China) by Decision (Unanimous)
6. Kickboxing Tournament Final- 95kg
Massinissa Hamalili (France) def. Ivan Bartek (Slovakia) by TKO
*Hamalili replaced Semifinal 2. winner Sergio Kenneth who injured his ribs in the fight
7. MMA – 56kg
Huang Feir (China) def. Rochelle Lestino (Philippines) win by Submission (Armbar)
8. Muay Thai – 61.5kg
Keijiro Miyakoshi (Japan) def. Wei Ninghui (China) by Decision (Unanimous)
9. Kickboxing – 60kg
Wang Kehan (China) def. Taina (Brazil) by TKO in round 3
10. Muay Thai – 70kg
Changpuak Jetsada (Thailand) def. Skylr Penna (USA) by Decision (Split)
11. Muay Thai – 65kg
Michael Badato (Philippines) def Mokkharat Worawut (Thailand) by TKO in round 2