WGP 26

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September 5, 2015
Pahy Centro De Eventos, Guarapuava, Paraná, Brazil

Live streamed on EB-TV and broadcast on BandSports in Brazil.

Latin America’s biggest kickboxing promotion is about to land on the city of Guarapuava, Parana, south region of Brazil. On September 5th, WGP Kickboxing will hold its 26th edition, in which the main event will put face to face the former UFC fighter Guto Inocente and Felipe Micheletti to determine the new 94kg division champion. The co-main event of the evening, a one-night four-man tournament, will define the first challenger to the recently crowned 85kg champion, Alex ‘Po Atan’ Pereira.

Two striking phenomena will collide on the main event of the evening. Fighting out of Sorocaba, Sao 
Paulo, Felipe Micheletti, who is only 24 years old, has already been a WGP national champion, and runner-up at WAKO’s (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations) world championship. With a record of seven wins, with three knockouts, and four losses, he is now coming from a unanimous decision over European Champion Toni Milanovic, from Serbia, at WGP #24. One of the greatest names in kickboxing on recent years, Inocente is a three-time Pan-American champion, two-time South-American champion, five-time Brazilian champion and a runner-up at world championship. Born in Brasilia, he is a member of the Blackzilians MMA Team and a training partner for fighters such as Vitor Belfort.

New 85kg challenger will be determined.

Four fighters will compete in a one-night-tournament that will reveal the next 85kg title-challenger. On the first semifinal, Rafael ‘Kratos’ faces Ricardo ‘Soneca’, and on the other, Ariel Machado fights Junior ‘Alpha’, who is also a former UFC fighter and a WGP debutant. The two winners will fight for the tournament’s trophy and the winner will earn a shot at Alex “Po Atan” Pereira’s belt.


K1 Rules (60 kg)
Jhonatan Leuch vs. Fernando Pato

K1 Rules (+94,1 kg)
Ricardo ‘Alemão’ vs. Alex ‘Marmaduke’ Junius

K1 Rules (64,5 kg)
Gesiel ‘Portuga’ vs. Guilherme Antunes

WGP #26

1. Superfight
K1 Rules (75 kg)
Williames Chacal def. Cristiano Fagundes by decision

2. Superfight
Low Kicks (60 kg)
Bruno Cerutti def. Miguel ‘El Faraon’ Abad by decision

3. Challenger GP – Reserve Bout
K1 Rules (85 kg)
Maycon Silva def. Fernando Almeida by decision

4. Challenger GP – Semifinal #1
K1 Rules (85 kg)
Rafael ‘Kratos‘ def. Ricardo Soneca by decision

5. Challenger GP – Semifinal #2
K1 Rules (85 kg)
Junior Alpha def. Ariel Machado by decision

6. Superfight
K1 Rules (75 kg)
Rafael Teixeira def. David Silveira by (T)KO

7. Superfight
K1 Rules (64,5 kg)
Vinicius Bereta def. Eduardo Borba by decision

8. Superfight
K1 Rules (+65 kg)
Barbara Nepomuceno def. Talita Moreno by (T)KO in round 1

9. Challenger GP – Final
K1 Rules (85 kg)
Junior Alpha def. Rafael ‘Kratos’ by decision

10. WGP Title Fight
K1 Rules (94,1 kg)
Guto Inocente def. Felipe Micheletti by decision