Final Fight Championship (FFC) is a fight promotion that combines both kickboxing and MMA matches on their events.

List of FFC Events

Event Date Venue City
FFC 29 April 22, 2017 Hala Tivoli Ljubljana, Slovenia
FFC 28: Greece vs. Rest of the World March 11, 2017 N/A Athens, Greece
FFC 27: Night of Champions December 17, 2016 Zagreb Arena Zagreb, Croatia
FFC 26 September 23, 2016 TipsArena Linz, Austria
FFC 25 June 10, 2016 MassMutual Center Arena Springfield, Massachusetts, United States
FFC 24 June 3, 2016 Daytona Beach Ocean Center Daytona Beach, Florida, United States
FFC 23 February 19, 2016 Multiversum Schwechat Halle Vienna, Austria
FFC 22 February 19, 2016 Faliro Olympic Hall Athens, Greece
FFC 21 November 27, 2015 Zamet Centre Rijeka, Croatia
FFC 20 October 23, 2015 Dražen Petrović Basketball Hall Zagreb, Croatia
FFC 19 September 18, 2015 TipsArena Linz, Austria
FFC 18 April 17, 2015 Dvorana Tivoli Ljubljana, Slovenia
FFC 7 March 13, 2015 Skenderija Hall Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
FFC 17 December 20, 2014 Marino Cvetkovic Opatija, Croatia
FFC 16 December 6, 2014 Multiversum Schwechat Vienna, Austria
FFC 15 November 21, 2014 Žatika Sport Centre Poreč, Croatia
FFC 14 October 3, 2014 Tivoli Hall Ljubljana, Slovenia
FFC 13 June 6, 2014 Žatika Sport Centre Zadar, Croatia
FFC 12 April 25, 2014 Tivoli Hall Ljubljana, Slovenia
FFC 11 April 4, 2014 Gradski vrt Hall Osijek, Croatia
FFC 10 December 13, 2013 Boris Trajkovski Sports Center Skopje, Macedonia
FFC 9 November 15, 2013 Tivoli Hall Ljubljana, Slovenia
FFC 8 October 25, 2013 Arena Zagreb Zagreb, Croatia
FFC 6 June 14, 2013 Žatika Sport Centre Poreč, Croatia
FFC 5 May 24, 2013 Gradski vrt Hall Osijek, Croatia
FFC 4 May 10, 2013 Sports Centre “Višnjik” Zadar, Croatia
FFC 3 April 19, 2013 Arena Gripe Split, Croatia
Cro Cop Final Fight March 10, 2012 Arena Zagreb Zagreb, Croatia
The Final Fight: Stars War October 31, 2003 Dom Sportova Zagreb, Croatia

*FFC 19 was originally scheduled for Sofia, Bulgaria May 29, 2015 but was ultimately canceled.


FFC was founded in 2013. Many notable fighters have participated in FFC events over the years, including Hesdy Gerges, Pavel Zhuravlev, Jason Wilnis, Paul Daley, Alessio Sakara etc.


As of 2016 Final Fight Championship is to hold its first events in the USA.


As of late 2015 FFC events are again broadcasted in Croatia on Croatian National TV (HRT), and also available widely on fightchanneltv.com.


In 2014 FFC started promotion of new tournaments for young and talented fighters titled FFC Futures.


Cro Cop Final Fight proved to be a success and in 2013 Fight Channel organized a whole series of combat sports events comprised of kickboxing and MMA matches.


In 2012 Fight Channel started producing its own combat sports events under the name Final Fight. The first event took place in Zagreb Arena with Cro Cop vs. Ray Sefo kickboxing match as the main event and the event was a success. Other competitors included Daniel Ghita, Sergei Lascenko, Sahak Parparyan and many others.

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